Most days, its like watching a slow-motion video of a fog-caused hundred car pile-up on a Central Valley freeway. I just can’t believe the guy is really that uncouth. Yet I confess to mixed feelings about watching him learn the ropes. On the one hand, its saddening to feel that he will actually learn how to get his agenda enacted; to unleash the power of government in a way I definitely don’t like. On the other hand, I find myself feeling a sense of relief when I see him say something that sounds like any other politician. Maybe he’s learning how to be circumspect, to respect tradition, to honor precedent, to keep his finger off the button. Maybe our institutions will be strong enough to withstand Trump’s blundering, xenophobic, self-aggrandizing and kleptocratic idiocies. I feel good about the public resistance emerging from many corners. But the dilemma: I want him to keep doing stupid shit so his incompetence is front and center, but I want him to normalize so I can stop worrying so much. North Korea is really bringing this dichotomy onto focus. As Country Joe once said, “Please, don’t drop, don’t drop that H-bomb on me! Go drop it on yourself!”

100 days of Trump