Measure Twice, Cut Once,” Thin Air Magazine, April 2017. My life as an ultra-distance cyclist, incorporating my theory of bicycling.

Living The Black,” Noctua Journal, Issue X (2017), P. 65. Fiction.

Patient Philanthropy,” Non-Profit Quarterly, May 23, 2017. The Eva Foundation’s practice of relational philanthropy in nurturing Alliance for Girls.

“A Lesson of Love,” Still Standing Magazine, May 2017. A highly personal essay about moving from grief to love.

Our Collective Dream,”, June 2017. My friends and I opened a collective restaurant in Boulder, Colorado in 1972. We changed the world.

Grief’s Cradle,” Adelaide Literary Journal, October 2017. My “theory of grief.” Republished in Grief Digest Magazine, January, 2018. This version is much more readable.

“Built for Two, but Minus One,” ¬†Modern Loss. October 2018. ¬†How riding the tandem with my wife manifests my relationship with our long-dead daughter.

Grief, Grammar and Gratitude,” Kris Francoeur blog, September 2019. How grief brought me to writing.

Here is a short interview with me about Alliance for Girls on the blog of Strategy Plus Action, a small philanthropies consulting firm.