We rode today in bright sunshine and cold air. If possible, the environment turned more desolate. Fewer towns, very little water, small groups of animals knawing at the ground with determination, seeking out the tiny grasses that had to be there—yet they were healthy, fully-wooled. There is a lot to this world that I know nothing at all about. The morning was 45 miles of 2-3 km climbs and descents—7 of them, up and down between 14 & 15 thousand feet. I bonked (ran out of energy) pretty badly at the top fo the 4th one, but some forced eating and drinking reenergized and I felt good enough that climbing the last three into a vicious headwind was merely a chore, not an existential crisis. The day ended with another of these 4,000 foot descents. Ho hum. Nice enough. How easy the entitled become jaded!! All in all, a workmanlike day, and tonight we are off the altiplano and on our second to last night. You can tell how tired i am by the shortness of this post.

Woman on the left ran the lunch restaurant. Great face! She’s talking to Clara (Sarabeth is in the blanket) and Viorica


Sarbeth in the saddle, with Angela
Lat night’s dinner feast–the place with 1 light bulb, Direct TV and a 55″ screen. I don’t know if I said how cold it was–look how we’re dressed.


Pampamarca to Puquio